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Employer and Job Posting Disclaimers, Terms, & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

GBCareers is an online job posting system used by George Brown College (GBC) Career Services to advertise employment opportunities to George Brown College students and alumni. George Brown College makes every effort to ensure that the information contained in this system and any printed materials is accurate. Links from this system to internal pages and/or external web sites are believed to be relevant and up-to-date. We do not accept responsibility for information contained on external web sites. Links in this system should not suggest that George Brown College or GBCareers promotes or endorses any third party's causes, ideas, web content, products or services.

George Brown College will not be held liable to employers, community associations, organizations or other external partners using GBCareers with respect to any loss or damage which may result to them directly or indirectly in regard to the services supplied by GBCareers. George Brown College reserves the right to refuse the use of this service to any person or organization that does not meet the GBCareers Terms & Conditions for Employers outlined below.

2. Required Information

GBCareers requires all employers to provide the following information in order to post a job opportunity and/or promote opportunities, information or other forms of communication to GBC students. Failure to do so may result in the job posting not being accepted and/or removed on the part of GBC career services or any agent acting on behalf of GBC:
  1. Legal name of organization with full mailing address and phone number
  2. Full name of contact person with phone number and a valid and direct email address
  3. Provide a full and accurate description of the nature of the position being offered and the employment status and terms of the posted job opportunity (e.g., full time permanent, contract, summer, etc.)
  4. Recruitment agencies and/or third-party recruiters acting on behalf of an employer, organization or other such client/customer, must provide the name of the client organization for which they are hiring.
Any information provided to GBCareers will remain private and confidential and will not be disclosed on the job posting unless explicitly requested by the posting organization. Only authentic and verifiable employment opportunities will be accepted and posted across the GBCareers platform.

3. Standards for posting opportunities
  • Within Ontario, Canada
All employment opportunities, job postings, recruitment activities, and other career related information located within the province on Ontario, Canada that are advertised through GBCareers must conform to the Ontario Employment Standards Act 2000, Human Rights Code, R.S.O. 1990, the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 and any future employment-related legislation as outlined by the Ontario Ministry of Labour.
  • Outside of Ontario, Canada
All employment opportunities, job posting,s recruitment activities and other career-related information located outside of the province on Ontario, Canada that are advertised through GBCareers must conform local relevant legislation and be comparable to the employment terms, conditions and legalisation listed above.

GBCareers reserves the right to review, investigate and/or make inquiry into the terms and conditions of local, relevant legislation. In the event that GBCareers or George Brown College deems local, relevant legislation to insufficiently and/or inadequately state and enforce the rights and responsibilities of employers and/or employees, GBCareers reserves the right to enforce standards inline with Ontario, Canada legislation.

4. Ethical Recruitment Standards

GBCareers is a member of the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE) and adheres to the Guidelines for Ethical Recruitment at Post-Secondary Educational Institutions. These guidelines are enforced and monitored by GBCareers and it is expected that any employer partners, organizations and/or recruitment agencies will do so as well. To review the CACEE the Guidelines for Ethical Recruitment at Post-Secondary Educational Institutions please click here.

5. GBCareers job posting rejection criteria

GBCareers reserves the right to reject and/or refuse to post any job postings that do not meet the standard set out above, including any positions that:
  1. are in violation of provincial and/or federal laws, or the local reasonable and relevant comparable legislation. For detailed information on Ontario provincial and/or Canadian federal Labour Standards in the province of Ontario, please visit
  2. include Independent contracting arrangements (self-employment), unless for personal support workers, Business Partnerships, Entrepreneurial opportunities and/or other employment status whereby applicant is operating as a sole proprietor or contractor
  3. unless clearly stated and in accordance with relevant legislative exemptions, involve any work involving unpaid or reduced pay for training
  4. are more appropriately considered as cultural exchange where there is minimum or no financial reward (au-pair opportunities)
  5. Involve work involving credit in lieu of pay such as equity payment, honorariums or in-kind payments
  6. requires the purchase of a service or product, requires a certified deposit, training paid for by the job candidate, charges and/or up-front fees or payments as a condition of employment
  7. Pay on commission only basis and/or offer no base salary; unless opportunity supports environmental sustainability initiatives (ie. Reforestation)
  8. requires work that is multi-level marketing (MLM) in nature, or work for organizations that are MLM in structure, also known as pyramid organizational structure
  9. are "club membership", distributorship or sales representative agency arrangements or other business opportunities which require up-front or periodic payments
  10. originate from employers, organizations and/or other recruiting agents where there are no other verifiable available openings
  11. include secret shopping/product-based, door to door, or other direct to consumer marketing positions, regardless of pay structure
  12. are volunteer positions that are not associated with a registered Charity, Not for Profit or Public Service organization and/or do not hold a verifiable GST tax exemption number
6. Right to remove or reject job postings

GBCareers reserves the right to remove or refuse any job postings where:
  1. Non-compliance with its Terms & Conditions has occurred
  2. Incorrect or misleading information has been provided
  3. A formal complaint regarding an employer, organization or other recruiting agents has been recorded with GBC, regardless of the outcome of that complain process
  4. The employment opportunity in question has been deemed by the GBCareers, GBC or any other agent acting on behalf of GBCareers, to not represent a viable work opportunity for the students
  5. The behaviour and/or conduct on the part of employer, manager, supervisor, recruiter or any other agent acting on behalf of the posting organization in their involvement with GBC college or its faculty, staff, students or other stakeholder that represents unethical recruitment conduct and/or is deemed contrary to GBCareers guidelines and practices.
7. CASL compliance

In compliance with Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), GBCareers may request confirmation of consent from all employers to send email correspondence relating to employer account activity. Collected information is for internal communication and planning purposes and will not be shared by any 3rd party external to George Brown College.

8. Business Process and Timelines

All employer accounts and jobs submitted to GBCareers must first meet the GBCareers Terms and Conditions for Employers outlined in this document before employer accounts and/or individual job postings are approved and activated by the GBCareers office. Submitted job postings are processed Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. (except for holidays) and can take two to three business days to complete. An e-mail notification will be sent once a job has been approved and activated. All job postings will be entered on an as-received basis.

Once approved, any and all job and/or opportunity postings submitted to GBCareers will be active for a maximum of one month, unless an earlier deadline has been requested. Employers, organizations and/or recruitment agencies may renew job postings and/or opportunities once this maximum has been reached.

George Brown College will not be held liable to employers, community associations, organizations or other external partners using GBCareers with respect to any loss or damage which may result to them directly or indirectly in regard to the services supplied by GBCareers.

9. Privacy Protection for GBCareers Employer Accounts and Profiles

George Brown College recognizes and respects the importance of privacy and places a high value on the protection thereof. Personal and contact information submitted by employers, organizations and/or recruitment agents, collected by GBCareers and/or any agent of GBCareers, is kept confidential and, as such, the college will not disclose employer contact information recorded on the GBCareers system without the expressed consent of these individuals and/or organizations.

In addition, student and alumni information is also considered confidential and will only be shared with employers by students wishing to apply to specific and appropriate opportunities on the GBCareers job board portal. Contact or personal information obtained by George Brown College is, under no circumstances, rented, sold or distributed in any manner to 3rd parties external to George Brown College.

GBCareers may use an employer's email address or other contact information for the following purposes:
  1. update employers regarding the GBCareers online job posting system
  2. clarify job posting details or address any missing, suspect or ambiguous information
  3. inform employers of services to facilitate recruitment on campus or for the purposes of conducting labour market research
  4. request feedback regarding GBCareers employment and recruiting services
  5. collecting addition data regarding the success of recruiting efforts in regards to George Brown College student hires
Employers who obtain the contact or personal information of George Brown College students and alumni are expected to protect the privacy of those individuals and their personal information in accordance with relevant federal and/or provincial legislation as it relates to the province of Ontario, Canada. Employers must not disclose contact or personal information of college students and alumni to other parties without the proper approvals. The renting, selling and/or any other method of distribution to 3rd parties of GBC student private information may be determined as a violation of the GBCareers terms and agreements that may result in the suspension and/or removal of employer profile accounts and/or job opportunity posting.

George Brown College accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage which may result from any such disclosure, approved or unapproved.

10. Posting of Non-career Related Information or Events

Promotion of job fairs, info sessions, networking events or other events, employment or career-related in nature or otherwise, will not be approved and/or distributed across the GBCareers portal. Should an employer, organization and/or recruitment agent wish to communicate information to George Brown College students, it is encouraged that the organizers contact the George Brown College Career Services team for promotion of such events on the George Brown College internal events calendar and/or social media platforms. It is expected that all other GBCareers terms and conditions and all criteria therein have been met. For more information, please contact us at

11. Legal and Policy Context

GBCareers, George Brown College and the George Brown College career services centre operate within the legislative and policy framework that safeguards the interests of the institution, George Brown College students and GBC employer partners. GBCareers practices, policies and terms and conditions are directed, governed and influenced by, and adhere to:

•             Ontario Employment Standards Act
•             Ontario Human Rights Commission
•             Canadian Association of Career Educators & Employers (CACEE) Guidelines for Ethical Recruitment
•             Ontario's Freedom of Information and Privacy Act (FIPPA)
We require all internship postings comply with the Ontario Ministry of Labour Guidelines.